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So, how do I do this? Generally, I will look at your first chapter for free. This gives me an idea of what services you need. I do a thorough edit of this first chapter, including grammar, punctuation, editing for clarity, and any developmental editing. This gives you a sense of my editing style. If you’re pleased with this free edit, find my suggestions useful, and think you can work with me, then I’m all yours! All I ask is 10 percent down payment of the estimated final price to get us both started. And no worries–since many beginning writers worry about their work being stolen, I do use a contract explictly stating that the work and all royalties remain entirely yours.

Want to compare my rates to the going rate? You can do that here.

    For this service, I check only grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
    RATES: $3 per page
    This service includes the basic copy editing service as well as editing for clarity, word usage, and sentence structure.
    RATES: $5 per page
    This service includes both basic copy editing and heavy copy editing as well as helping to develop and arrange your plot structure.
    RATES: $6 per page

Please note that while I accept almost all genres, I do not accept erotica.

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